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Translation services. Certification.


  • ISO 17100 – Translation services.
  • ISO 18841- Interpreting services.
  • ISO 18587 – Translation services. Post-editing of machine translation output.
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management.


  1. EXPERIENCE. Baltum Büroo has more than 10 years of experience in the international certification services market.
  2. FLEXIBILITY. Baltum Büroo means reasonable and affordable prices.
  3. Acknowledgment. Baltum Büroo is worldwide recognition and adherence to best practices and experience.
  4. ACCREDITATIONS. Baltum Büroo is a partner of international certification body Swiss Approval (Switzerland).
  5. AUDITORS. Baltum Büroo maintains its own international registration of auditors.
  6. ACADEMY. Baltum Büroo has own online academy, which allows you to study anywhere in the world.


  • Application. We analyze the application for the subject of the certification area + We conclude an agreement.
  • Development of documentation. If necessary, we analyze the documentation, conduct training, development and implementation of ISO / IEC 27001 documentation.
  • Auditing. On-site audit. Departure of the auditor to check the management system.
  • Issuance of a certificate. Preparing a report and making a decision on issuing a certificate.

ISO 17100 is an international standard, published in 2015 to provide the requirements that a TSP (Translation Services Provider) shall meet, in order to provide a translation service that meets client’s and other applicable specifications.

Improving your translation services to the level required by ISO 17100, strengthens your business performance, helping with the delivery of a quality translation service. In addition, it establishes and defines the quality of your translators, providing reassurance to your customers.


  • Increased profit potential and market share
  • Gives you a competitor advantage
  • Proof to your customers that you provide a consistent and reliable service
  • Improved communication between customers and suppliers
  • Increased morale and motivation of your staff
  • Establishes and defines the quality of your translators
  • Reassures customers that your translators are qualified
  • Enables you to tender for more contracts
  • Provides customers with a level of security
  • Evidence you are a forward-thinking translator business

ISO 17100 Translation Services consists of just six clauses with the four key clauses being:

  • Human Resources: ensuring the people selected to perform translation tasks have the required competences and qualifications.
  • Pre-Production Process and Activities: ensuring processes are in place for handling and analysing enquiries, determining project feasibility, preparing quotations, and entering into agreements.
  • Production Processes: ensuring compliance with the agreement from the moment it is confirmed to the agreed end of the project.
  • Post-Production Process: ensuring processes are in place for handling client feedback, assessing client satisfaction and making appropriate corrections and/or taking corrective action.

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