Our Baltum Bureau team, together with our partners can help you in matters of Hotel Certification.
ISO 22483

ISO 22483 certification is a quality management system standard for the tourism and hotel industry. It provides guidelines and policies for the industry to ensure that hotels are meeting quality requirements in areas such as staff, service, events, safety and security, maintenance, cleanliness, supply management, and guest satisfaction.

Obtaining ISO 22483 certification from a certification body, such as Baltum Buroo, is an assurance that a hotel is committed to delivering high-quality services and meeting customer demands and global trends in the industry.

Certification, as defined by ISO, is the provision of written assurance by an independent body (in this case, Baltum Buroo) that a product, service, or system meets specific requirements.

By obtaining ISO 22483 certification from Baltum Buroo, your hotel is demonstrating its commitment to delivering high-quality services and meeting international standards in the tourism and hotel industry.