Our Baltum Bureau team, together with our partners can help you in matters of Education Certification.

ISO 21001 is an international standard for educational organization management systems (EOMS). The standard provides a framework for organizations that offer educational products and services to manage their processes and ensure quality.

Baltum Buroo, as a certification body, can help organizations achieve ISO 21001 certification. This certification serves as an assurance of the quality of education that is provided by the certified institutions to its learners.

ISO 21001 certification proves the commitment of the educational institution to its quality and accessibility of education.

In addition to ensuring quality education, ISO 21001 certification can also provide assistance in understanding leadership and strengthening the overall corporate culture.

The standard is based on ISO 9001 and is aligned with other ISO management system standards, making it a common management tool for organizations in the education sector. The goal of ISO 21001 is to provide a guide for managing processes and facilitate the benefits of education management systems.

By choosing Baltum Buroo as their certification body, organizations can receive support in optimizing and stabilizing the processes of an audit, as well as in achieving and maintaining ISO 21001 certification.

ISO 29990 is a quality management system standard for providers of education and training services. It was created to promote quality in the informal education system and provide a common reference point for both learning service providers (LSPs) and learners.

The standard provides basic requirements for providers of learning services in non-formal education and training, and has been revised by ISO 21001:2018 and ISO 29993:2017.

It aims to ensure and compare the quality of education by offering a modern and certifiable standard.

Baltum Buroo is a certification body that can offer ISO 29990 certification. By achieving ISO 29990 certification, a learning service provider can demonstrate its commitment to providing quality education and training services.

The certification helps companies plan and improve their member services in a professional and quality manner.

If you are interested in obtaining ISO 29990 certification for your organization, you can reach out to Baltum Buroo for assistance.

The certification process involves a thorough assessment of your organization’s policies, procedures, and processes related to education and training services to ensure that they meet the requirements of the standard.

In conclusion, ISO 29990 certification is a valuable tool for learning service providers who are committed to providing high-quality education and training services. By achieving ISO 29990 certification, you can demonstrate your commitment to quality, which can help you attract and retain more learners, and ultimately achieve greater success.

ISO 21001 “Educational Organizations Management System”


The ISO 21001 standard contains the main statements and requirements for the quality management system of educational organizations.

The standard applies to higher, secondary, specialized secondary and primary educational institutions, as well as institutions providing services in the field of additional education.

In addition, ISO 21001 can be used by educational organizations that are part of larger companies.

Using the quality management model and the concepts proposed by ISO 21001 will allow to provide better, customer-oriented educational services.

Implementation and certification according to ISO 21001 will help the educational organization:

  1. demonstrate a high level of quality of educational services provided;
  2. improve the quality of management;
  3. to build an effective system of internal assessment of the quality of education using the ISO 21001 model;
  4. to increase the competence of employees.