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Associate Partnership Programme

Baltum Bureau: Our Approved Partners Register – Commitment to Excellence and Values

At Baltum Bureau, we pride ourselves on a global network of partners that reflects our commitment to the highest standards of quality and values. We take a meticulous approach in selecting our partners and representatives, ensuring that each one not only meets our high standards but also shares our values and vision.

Partner Selection Process

Every potential partner undergoes a thorough assessment process before being included in our prestigious register of approved partners. This assessment includes evaluating the quality of services, compliance with regulatory requirements, financial stability, and most importantly, alignment with our company’s values.

Our Values

At Baltum Bureau, we highly value:

  • Professionalism: We believe in every partner’s ability to provide services at the highest level.
  • Innovation: We encourage creative approaches and innovative solutions.
  • Responsibility: We uphold principles of sustainable development and social responsibility.
  • Trust: We ensure transparency in all our relationships.

Our Global Network

We are proud that our register of approved partners spans different countries, cultures, and markets. This allows Baltum Bureau to support our clients worldwide, ensuring that each partner we collaborate with meets our high standards and shares our key values.

Invitation to Collaborate

We are always open to new opportunities and partnerships that meet our requirements and values. If you feel your organization could be a valuable addition to our network, we invite you to contact us.

# Company Сountry, City Contacts Services Period
0021 BCERT United Kingdom, Portugal, USA   Сompany Representative.
Certification service.
0022 SWISS APPROVAL Switzerland, USA   Certification service.  
0023 UNICERT Germany   Certification service.  
0024 G-CERTi Korea   Certification service.  
0025 Competencies Development Bureau  Estonia   Online learning platform  
0026 Compliance Control Estonia   Cybersecurity Services  
0026 Trilight Security Estonia   Cybersecurity Services  
0027 SOCSERVE Poland   Cybersecurity Services  
0028 HACKEN Estonia, Portugal   Cybersecurity Services  
0029 System Management Ukraine   Certification service  
0030 UkrStandart Ukraine   Certification service  
0031 H-X Technologies Ukraine, Germany   Cybersecurity Services  
0032 Barbashyn law Ukraine, Portugal   Consulting and legal services  
0033 Andberight Ukraine   Consulting and legal services  
0034 Axon Partners Ukraine   Consulting and legal services  
0035 KROK Business School Ukraine   Business Education Services  
0036 CyberPort Ukraine   Higher education (Bachelor, Master) – Cybersecurity  
0037 Brit Academy Kazakhstan   Сompany Representative.
Consulting services and training
0038 JB Works  Kazakhstan   Cybersecurity Services  
0039 Global Gateway Certifications Malaysia   Consulting services and training  
0040 SAGE SOLUTIONS MMC Azerbaijan   Сompany Representative.
Consulting services and training.
0041 DRATA USA   Automation of management systems  
0042 WHYSEC Cyprus   Automation of management systems  
0043 Secfix Germany   Automation of management systems  
0044 CONFORMIO Croatia   Automation of management systems  
0045 TRISKLE GRC Portugal, Brazil   Automation of management systems  
0046 E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN) USA   Accreditation service