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ISO/IEC 42001:2023. Artificial intelligence Management System

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ISO/IEC 42001:2023 is a significant international standard developed to provide guidance to organizations on the responsible development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI). Released in December 2023, it sets out requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of an Artificial Intelligence Management System (AIMS) within organizations. This standard is designed with universality in mind, making it relevant to a broad range of organizations, whether they are directly involved in developing AI technologies or utilizing AI-powered products and services. The standard emphasizes the importance of integrating AI management into organizational governance, promoting a culture of responsibility, safety, fairness, and security in AI applications. By adopting ISO/IEC 42001:2023, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to ethical AI practices through strong governance structures, effective risk management, and adherence to compliance protocols.

ISO/IEC 42001:2023 shares common features with ISO 27001, especially in its structure and approach to risk management, allowing organizations to integrate it smoothly with existing management systems. This integration can optimize processes, prevent duplication of efforts, and enhance the overall efficiency of managing both information security and AI management systems. Key benefits of implementing ISO/IEC 42001:2023 include strategic integration into organizational governance, balancing governance with innovation, implementing robust safety measures, demonstrating commitment to ethical AI practices, and managing continuous learning in AI systems. The standard also outlines mandatory provisions and requirements such as organizational context and stakeholder analysis, training and awareness programs, AI policy and leadership commitment, AI risk assessment process, risk treatment and controls, and an internal audit requirement. Annex A of the standard provides detailed guidelines on policies, internal organization, resources, impact assessments, and more, covering various aspects of AI system development and usage.

For organizations already certified under ISO 27001, integrating ISO 42001 can improve efficiency and consolidate efforts, especially in areas such as risk assessment, third-party management, and continuous improvement.


  • Ensuring the Progress of Work Even in the Event of Attack or Damage: ISO/IEC 42001 helps organizations to establish robust AI management systems that can withstand and recover from attacks or damage. This resilience is critical in maintaining operations and services, even when faced with cyber threats, physical damages, or other disruptions.
  • Enabling Greater Trust from the Client. By achieving ISO/IEC 42001 certification, an organization demonstrates its commitment to responsible AI practices. This commitment can significantly enhance trust among clients and stakeholders, who are increasingly concerned about ethical AI use, data privacy, and security.
  • Ensuring Compliance. Compliance with ISO/IEC 42001 ensures that an organization adheres to internationally recognized standards for AI management. This compliance is not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it’s also about adopting best practices for ethical AI development and deployment, which can prevent legal and operational risks.
  • Securing Profitability and Corporate Image. Organizations that are certified under ISO/IEC 42001 can leverage their commitment to ethical AI as a competitive advantage. This can lead to increased profitability through differentiated offerings and enhanced corporate image, as consumers and partners prefer to engage with companies that prioritize ethical considerations in AI.
  • Computer-aided Protection of Data Systems and Networks Against Potential Threats: ISO/IEC 42001 certification guides organizations in implementing advanced cybersecurity measures tailored for AI systems. This includes protection against fraud, espionage, sabotage, and natural disasters. By ensuring the security and integrity of data systems and networks, organizations can safeguard their assets and maintain operational continuity.


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